Why choose Samurai Warrior Art (Ki Aikido) over other Martial Arts?

  • Samurai Warrior Ki Aikido almost uniquely employs NON VIOLENT techniques through the activation of our powerful personal LIFE FORCE (Ki/Chi) in responding to armed or unarmed attacks.
  • Samurai Warrior Ki Aikido is almost unique in Martial Arts in that it explicitly documents LIFE FORCE (Ki/Chi) training in its syllabus and grading criteria.

The Brisbane Samurai Warrior Ki Aikido Community/Clan
  • Affiliated with Japanese based Ki Society International with roots in the original Samurai Martial Arts through Morihei Ueshiba O’Sensei (1883 – 1969) and Tohei Sensei (1920 – 2011).
  • An International curriculum with international recognition and certification of graduates. (Read more – web link Curriculum).
  • Australian Martial Arts Industry Association accredited instructors.
  • Access to yearly International Ki Society seminars and training in Japan and Australia.
  • A not for profit Community.