Suitable for all ages, females and males, family groupings

KiAikidoTriangleThe Communities central training principles are;

  • students are supported to progress at the pace that is within their individual capacity and capability
  • the instructor is supported by Senior Students in working individually with new and junior students in working through the training curriculum.
  • Student safety is a key issue on the training mat and students always have the option to decline to participate in any activity
  • In general the training curriculum is constructed so that skills are developed sequentially from basic to more complex. Individual students master basic skills before moving on to more complex skills
  • New students are individually supported in their preparation for each of the six gradings that eventually lead to the awarding of a black belt.
  • An individual’s strength and size neither necessarily confers an advantage or disadvantage to a student on the training mat. The techniques and activities can only be effective if executed without using strength. The whole training programme is based on definitely not using strength but using Life Force (Chi / Ki) through the unification of mind and body.
    • The training mat then becomes a level training area under this condition. Females and males train effectively together and also with older and younger students.
    • There is also an underlying training rule that any paired training that is undertaken is executed at the level of the least capable/ capacity of the member in the pair and definitely without strength but with mind and body unified.
  • In general if the instructor observes a training pair having difficulty because of differences in any physical or any other differences then the instructor will intervene and reset the pairing.