One Point Mindfulness

The One Point Mindfulness teacher encourages a mindfulness trainee to build confidence in their original nature – the true self.

The following ancient verse encapsulates One Point Mindfulness Training:

Close your eyes and you will see clearly
Cease to listen and you will hear the truth
Seek no contact and you will find union
Be still and move forward on the tide of spirit
Be patient and you will achieve all things
Be humble and you will remain entire

One Point Mindfulness training seeks to support practitioners to unify mind body and spirit through focus on:

  • Practice that encourages mindfulness through building confidence in our true nature as expressed through mindfulness in;- posture, breathing, not doing, oneness, one point etc.
  • Right Attitude that is reflected in practitioners mindfulness in; attention to corrections in repetitious practice, preparedness to study yourself and building constancy in practice.
  • Right Understanding of mindfulness as it is experienced and or practiced in our everyday lives e.g.; Naturalness, Readiness, Emptiness, Non attachment, Transiency.