Mindfulness & Well-being

21st Century popular press hints at the potential for well-being from the practice of Mindfulness in the following ways. These descriptors could refer to some of the outcomes attained from any mindfulness practices (Yoga, Tai Chi etc.)

Banish stress now, Activate the core, Calm mind happy heart, Zest for life, Boost your self-esteem, Create fitness of body mind and spirit, Finding self-acceptance, Stop negative thinking, Karma take responsibility now, Free your energy, Heal thyself, Fresh Start, Live your dream today, Glow from within, Healing minds, Find your bliss,  Energise your day

Generally speaking a mindfulness practitioner may experience some of the above at various times.

The One Point Dojo Mindfulness follows the Centuries old dynamic Eastern (Japanese) Path to Mindfulness. It is a highly developed practical path where the central principle is – to do is to understand. Life experiences that you may encounter on your journey with One Point Mindfulness Dojo are described below. These experiences will predate and predicate the experiencing of the above health and well being descriptors.

Naturalness, Non Attachment, Calmness, Readiness, Stillness

True nature, Original nature, Acceptance, Wisdom

Imperturbable composure, Empty mind, Full mind, Patience


See below for further comprehensive references on potential good health and well being outcomes.

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