Mindfulness Practice in the East

One Point Mindfulness in the East is cultivated over time by the individual Artist through engaging in training under a Sensei in a selected Eastern Art e.g. (Shodo, Kyudo, Ikebana, Jodo, Noh Theatre, Kendo etc.)

At the One Point Mindfulness Dojo the Traditional artistic pathway offered is through learning the classic traditional movements with the Bokken and Jo together with associated individual and paired harmony activities. These activities are based on developing one point mindfulness consciousness through posture and mind body unification both while stationery and under movement. The true practice occurs when the practitioners finds that the skills learnt are transferred to everyday life.

Training includes the traditional seated breathing meditation, and also paired and group harmony practice.

A central theme of practice is finding balance both inner and outer balance. This translates into finding harmony and peace within our environment and especially mindfulness in everyday life.

The Japanese Samurai evolved their Arts over many centuries to be Arts of Peace. All training is focussed on finding harmony, balance and peace within the environment. Mindfulness is the central principle of the training.