All instructors or Sensei (which means teacher in Japanese) are Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) accredited instructors. All instructors hold a current First Aid certificate and have Blue cards


Sensei John Hurley Brisbane Ki Aikido Fortitude Valley

                                                 Chief Sensei John Hurley

John has over 40 years of experience as a

teacher/trainer and mediator.

Chief Instructor of our dojo for over 20 years

and conducts every lesson with passion,

care and diligence.





Senpai Lee Brisbane Fortitude Valley AikidoLee Hampson Sensei

Lee is a radiographer working at the Mater

Adults Hospital and has been training in Aikido

for over ten years. He holds a sandan rank

(3rd Degree Black belt) and holds an associate lecturer

qualification from Ki Society Head quarters in Japan.

He is also a mad Starwars fan and a keen Jedi with a purple lightsaber.

Lee is also actively training in Bujinkan Budō Taijutsu 

for a number of years and is only a Mudansha

(without a black belt).


Jason Lees Sensei

Sensei Jason Lees Fortitude Valley Aikido

Jason is also a sandan (3rd Degree Black belt)
in Ki Society Aikido and Associate lecturer.






Sensei Mark Fortitude Valley AikidoMark Woolveridge Sensei

Mark works at QUT Kelvin Grove campus where

he an English language educator.   He is a shodan

and has an Assistant Lecturer qualification in Ki Society Aikido.

He is currently conducting classes for

QUT students Aikido Club at Kelvin Grove campus in P block.