All instructors or Sensei (which means teacher in Japanese) are Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) accredited instructors. All instructors hold a current First Aid certificate and have Blue cards


Sensei John Hurley Brisbane Ki Aikido Fortitude Valley

Chief Sensei John Hurley

John has over 40 years of experience as a

teacher/trainer and mediator.

Chief Instructor of our dojo for over 20 years

and conducts every lesson with passion,

care and diligence.



Sensei Thu-Trang Do

Thu-Trang currently works as a software developer at Queensland Sugar. She has been enjoying training with the dojo for 6 years and is an assistant instructor with a shodan rank.


Sensei Lee Hampson

Senpai Lee Brisbane Fortitude Valley Aikido

Lee is a radiographer working at the Mater

Adults Hospital and has been training in Aikido

for over ten years. He holds a sandan rank

(3rd Degree Black belt) and holds an associate lecturer

qualification from Ki Society Head quarters in Japan.

Lee is also actively training in Bujinkan Budō Taijutsu 

for a number of years and is only a Mudansha

(without a black belt).

Sensei Jason Lees Fortitude Valley Aikido

Sensei Jason Lees 

Jason is also a sandan (3rd Degree Black belt)
in Ki Society Aikido and Associate lecturer.

Sensei Mark Woolveridge

Mark works at QUT Kelvin Grove campus where

he an English language educator.   He is a

Sensei Mark Fortitude Valley Aikido


and has an Assistant Lecturer qualification in Ki Society Aikido.