The Samurai Warrior – Ki Aikido Community/Clan


The essential training elements of a Samurai Warrior Community/Clan committed to Life Force (Ki/Chi)
development are:

  • commitment
  • cooperation
  • discipline
  • order
  • courtesy
  • and faith in the goal towards which the Communities members are working

The above elements manifest themselves practically in the following ways:

  • Community/Clan members routinely share in the responsibility for the running and maintenance of the community. Senior students take a leadership role in this regard.
  • The Community/Clan is a cooperative organization in which all members are concerned with the welfare of the community and each other
  • The general state of the Community/Clan administration, organization and training is a reflection of the internal state of the students
  • The individual student must keep his/her training clothes and accessories clean in good repair and stored neatly
  • From the Chief Instructor down through the hierarchy of the Senior Students and Junior students there must be a chain of obedience underpinned by mutual respect
  • Senior students must provide a good example to the Junior students and must support and reinforce the teachings of the Chief Instructor.
  • Junior students must remain open minded and humble in order for them to learn the principles of Samurai Warrior – Ki Aikido
  • The hierarchy of the Aikido Community described above should in no way deny the basic respect that should be offered to all members
  • Personal strict adherence to rules of etiquette in training create conditions for good training e.g.;
    • Formal start and finish of training sessions
    • Paired training
    • Etc.