Three years on a stone

An old Japanese proverb says: “Even on a stone – three years.” It means that even something seemingly simple as sitting down on a stone takes three years to learn. If you can concentrate on each task in life with this insight, with this willingness to study diligently – then you are sure to gain impressive abilities. (An excerpt from the book Aikido Principles – by Stefan Stenudd)

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Summer Holidays

We will be closing over the summer holidays. Last Training session will be on Saturday the 15th of December 2018. First training session of the new year will be Wednesday 9th of January 2019.

Shokushu (Ki Sayings)

It was important to both Tohei and Ueshiba Sensei that Aikido was just not another martial art based on learning skills to subjectate an opponent by force.  The beginning of every class the instructor will select a reading from Shokushu Tohei’s book of Ki sayings or another book to help the class focus on moving away from the physical world and into the forging of the spirt.  Talking about and understanding ourselves and how we interact with the world and reflecting on our successes and failures is the best way to change and adapt our future behaviour.  The discussion or reading can be quite long or short depending on the mood of the students and the Sensei but if it is long it is important to remain focused for the whole time.  This is a very important to not think about what you want to say or what you want for dinner or a thousand other things that might be going on in your mind but focus on what is being said with out evaluation or judgement.  This is called Shoshin or beginner’s mind.  Even if you have heard something 1000 times if you have an open mind you may hear it differently each time.


Aikido Brisbane Fortitude Valley Student Guide P6 2018 By Lee Hampson