Life is a paradox, so naturally this training we are doing is paradoxical. We have to learn to live with this. This is nature. It doesn’t get any better than this. This is it. So any effort to understand, and in so doing harmonize that which appears out of harmony, is going to be fruitless. Because the one who is looking to control things cannot understand by its own nature.

P407 Letting Go by Christopher Curtis


If we want to train on the highest level, then we want to always have a sense of wonder. When we say “It’s wonderful,” we mean it has a sense of mystery about it. It’s a wonder. You must have a sense of wonder about this moment. If you think you know what it is about, you are probably wrong. You have to find that sense of not knowing. You cannot listen with half of your mind closed off. You have to be one big, open, innocent ear. This is not so much to listen to a particular person exclusively, but to perceive everything that is in this way; to take it all in. This is how we train in the dojo.
Letting Go, Talks on Aikido by Christopher Curtis