Activities in Training Mindfulness

Eastern Samurai Mindfulness Arts cultivate mindfulness through practice that occurs as the day to day events of our everyday lives unfolds. One Point Mindfulness training therefore includes individual, paired and group activities based on finding peace and balance through traditional Samurai peace arts training.

  • Seated meditation practice and breath focus
  • Mind/Body unification and mindfulness through posture awareness
  • Mindfulness while in static posture
  • Mindfulness while under dynamic movement
  • Mindfulness while in dynamic paired/group practice
  • Mindfulness in warm up and stretching routines
  • Mindfulness in conflict situations
  • Mindfulness experienced through mind/body/spirit integration
  • Mindfulness training that transfers to the events in our everyday lives.
  • Progressive experiencing of the original self
  • The experiencing of personal centeredness at the one point.

The Samurai left a wonderful treasure pathway in the practice of mindfulness and the pathway to experience peace and balance in our lives.