Friend or enemy or both or neither. I find this term quite an interesting one. I have a great many people I would call friends. Many of those friends I would also deem so close I would call family. “Framily”?

Some people I have encountered in my life I would also consider them hostile towards me. Those people may consider me their enemy but I choose not to see them that way.

Their words are barbed and their sentences are usually followed by something like “I’m just joking”. Their toxic personalities spew venom at those around them reflecting their own self inadequacies.

To find balance with these type of people in your friendship group can be quite difficult. Engaging with them in an discord or debate can feel almost futile as they are so blinded by their distorted truth.

Letting go of what they say and how they make you feel when they say it is the first step. Look at each emotional jab individually and contextually and see it as a reflection of the person saying it. Feel empathy for them.

Do you need them in your life? Do they need you more? Allow them to over balance themselves and let them find new people to be frenemies with while you focus your positive energies on your real friends.