#Fake News and the “Truth”


“Many of the truths that we cling to depend on our point of view.” Obi-Wan Kenobi STARWARS Episode IV Return of the Jedi

What is the nature of Truth? The spectacle happening in the USA at the moment is testament to this quote. Our understanding of ourselves shapes our reality.

My name is Lee. When I was young my cousin was unable to pronounce his Ls and call me Wee. I didn’t understand this at the time and I found it insulting that he should call me that. My other older cousins though this was funny and teased me about it.

Conflict is the nature and limits of our understanding of ourselves and the empathy and compassion we show each other.

I was upset. I told mother who talked to my cousin’s mother. He spent hours practicing his Ls in the Mirror until he mastered them. We became best of friends after that. I now find the nickname quite funny.

What is someone else’s truth and how does that interact with mine is key to understanding any conflict situation.

The ability to lie adds complexity to this story and there are many types of lies we can tell and tell to ourselves and each other.


Again understanding ourselves and the nature of Truth and Lies can cause us to wonder about the character of someone who would tell us a bold face lie and for us to believe that in that lie.

Who is at fault? Does the Liar believe it to be the truth? Because then it is their truth. Or are they selling the “Truth” for some gain or misdirection?

The person that doesn’t question someone else’s truth and blindly follows is also someone who doesn’t look inward for the answer that is right in front of them.

Lies and truth are like Yin and Yang and exist entirely on your point of view.