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Our Dojo
  • Established in Brisbane in 1981 and is a non-profit community.
  • Learn non violent techniques for both physical and emotional conflict.
  • Learn Mediation and Mindfulness skills
  • Learn how to Meditate both seated and dynamic.
  • Pay fees as you attend $10 per lesson (read more)
  • Suitable for all ages, females and males, family groupings (read more)
  • Beginners training curriculum (read more)
  • Training community (read more)
  • Classes held at PCYC Fortitude Valley corner Church St and Wickham St – free local street parking available (read more)
  • Complimentary lessons offered as an introduction to Ki Aikido (lessons held on Mon/Wed/Sat) (read more)

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Kitei Taigi (seen below) is a training sequence which involves a number of different simulated attacks and responses.  Maintaining balance (of mind and body) and being calm is more important when being attacked than winning or losing.