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  • Brisbane based martial art of peace.  Aikido is an effective non-violent self defence system.
  • International curriculum and affiliated with Japanese Ki SocietyShinshin Toitsu Aikido Kai.
  • Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) accredited Instructors.
  • Established in Brisbane in 1981 and is a non-profit community.
  • Learn non violent techniques for both physical and emotional conflict.
  • Learn Mediation and Mindfulness skills
  • Learn how to Meditate both seated and dynamic.
  • Pay fees as you attend $10 per lesson (read more)
  • Suitable for all ages, females and males, family groupings (read more)
  • Beginners training curriculum (read more)
  • Training community (read more)
  • Classes held at PCYC Fortitude Valley corner Church St and Wickham St – free local street parking available (read more)
  • Complimentary lessons offered as an introduction to Ki Aikido (lessons held on Mon/Wed/Sat) (read more)

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Kitei Taigi (seen below) is a training sequence which involves a number of different simulated attacks and responses.  Maintaining balance (of mind and body) and being calm is more important when being attacked than winning or losing.  Develop empathy with an opponent until they are no longer your enemy.



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